Friday, September 9, 2011


Welcome to Kiev!
As of today I have been here exactly one week and I really do love it here already. I've fallen in love with the crazy hustle and bustle of life here and the culture already. I am having a blast learning the language and trying to fit in to their way of life here.

If you walk with a purpose and act like you know where you are headed then no one will bother you. I've almost perfected my Ukraine Scowl.


  1. Hey savvy sistah! Look at you go with your street smarts!
    You're an answer to a Bishops' prayers, al the way over in Ukraine!
    I am glad you met the missions president and to have that connection to a doctor if you ever need it. Good luck with the blisters... post a pic of those beauties.

  2. Hi there! You dont know me, but as I was looking into the ILP I found your blog and I can honestly say it is piqueing my interest in participating in the program. Hope you dont mind if I follow your blog.


  3. Not at all! I want others who are interested in the program to get a feel for what it is like and if it is something that they would really like to do and exactly which country would be a good fit.