Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Central Kiev

This past weekend all of the ILP group of volunteers went into central Kiev to look around at some of the churches  and experience some more of the culture of Kiev. It was tons of fun and I of course have lots of blisters from how much walking we do but it is fun! The weather in Kiev is still very nice. It is kind of muggy/humid and hot but I am not going to complain because come winter, I'll be begging for some heat!

This was interesting. At the market they have live fish just flopping around and if you want to buy one the man just takes a big ol' wrench and whacks it upon the head and kills it!

St. Michaels

Me, Sarah, and Jenessa at St Michaels
St Michaels

St Sofias. We were able to go inside this church but not allowed to take pictures. It is so beautiful and there are amazing murals and candles everywhere.

At church on Sunday I played with this adorable pup. I wanted to take him home with me because he is just soooooo cute :) I've decided if he is there next Sunday, it's a sign and I WILL be bringing him home to America so mom and dad, be prepared.

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  1. Beautiful cathedrals and architecture and history.
    The pup looks a little like Lola when she was little - she's a cutie