Monday, September 5, 2011

Day Two

Day 2:

The first out of a handful of McDonalds I've seen
This is one of the banks that is safe to use.
Kiev 2a and 2b girls at the Central School
We woke up pretty dang early and our host mother showed us the way to the metro from our house. She rode the metro with us until we met up with some of the other girls, the head teachers, and the Ukrainian coordinators here. Together we rode the metro for a while and went to the Central School which is where 5 of the teachers in our group will be. We had a little bit of training and some debriefing, were given cell phones, and went to the ATM to take some money out. The money here is called  hryvnia (pronounced greevna). The exchange rate is 1USD=8 hryvnias...the money though, it looks just like Monopoly money! It's pretty cool :) Then we went back downtown and to go see some shops and the market. I had a DELICIOUS chocolate filled pastry...seriously! My mouth is watering now just thinking about it!! The markets are different and calculating prices in your head gets kind of annoying after a while. We spent a few hours downtown and then road the metro home. We were extremely exhausted and fell right into bed.
Monopoly money!
The super sketch long escalators.

Me, Leera, Misha, and  Laria. They brought us some delicious ice cream!!!

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