Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Russian, Russian, Russian!

I love love love Russian. Not to mention the fact that I really like it here, too. I am going out every day and just reading the signs along my journey. I first learned the Russian alphabet and now I am working on learning my Cyrillic alphabet which is like cursive Russian.  I can certainly say that I am going to miss that part a lot about Ukraine. I really enjoy trying to decipher a new, foreign language in the world around me. Today a cute older lady stopped me when I got off the metro  and asked me in Russian if I knew how to get to (somewhere I couldn’t understand). Before I even thought about it, I immediately replied back in Russian that I was sorry but I only speak a little bit of Russian and that I didn’t know. She said thanks miss and asked someone else! I LOVE being able to speak and communicate with the people here!! I love learning in general and there is nothing I love more than taking on the challenge of conquering a new language! I love it so much that I’ve even signed up for Russian at BYU-I when I go back in January :) 


  1. Sweetheart, if you've learned to love learning, your life will have a rich and full life. Good for you!!

  2. The above was from me, by the way, -- grandma Rudd :)

  3. Can't wait to hear you in person and to see how much more you will learn when you study it further at BYU I. You sure have an affinity for languages, adventure, people and learning!
    Cool you!