Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The waiting room
So recently I had to go to the Hospital here. With my background and 'luck' we all knew it was inevitable but even I was surprised I lasted this long here until my first visit.

The outside of the hospital called Boris.
Anyways, the other night I woke up and my face literally hurt to the touch. All night I rolled around in pain and eventually I got up to get some breakfast in the morning. My host mom took one look at me and started letting out a long slew of Russian concern and disgust from my face. Finally she said in English--what happened to your face?! So I ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and my face was red and swollen HUGE--so big that my eyes were almost shut from the size of the swelling in my face.

Wellp I went to the doctor and they had no idea why it was swelling but injected me with a lot of steroids and I had to go back twice for two more treatments of it and now my face is somewhat back to normal. Jeesh.


  1. You should have put on a picture of your face!

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