Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Karaoke Bar

This week, my girls and I were totally feeling like we needed a break from teaching and we got all dressed up and headed to a local, popular Karaoke bar. We arrived around 8 and stayed until right before closing at midnight because we were having an absolute blast!! We were seated right in the middle of the room and it was so cool—colored lighting, mirrors on all the walls, and 5 karaoke screens. They had a lot of English songs to choose from and we totally made the most of it and I dragged my friend Jen up with me and we picked Respect by Aretha Fanklin.

After that, the Ukrainians were in. haha they loved watching us attempt to sing and dance and we loved listening to their Ukrainian songs! I was so happy that I could read the Karaoke screens when they were signing Ukrainian songs and I could sing along with them—so fun and the Ukrainians thought it was really cool that I could read the lyrics with them!

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