Saturday, October 8, 2011

Misty's Song

Tell me the reason I was born to roam,
Tell me the reason I am so far from home,
Tell me the reason only birds can fly,
Tell me the reason I was born just to die
How many mountains will I have to climb,
How many memories will I leave behind,
How many daydreams will I make come true,
How many heartbreaks until I find you?
There is a valley called Peace of Mind,
There is a river running right by it's side,
There is a moment of Glory so new,
There is Eternity to spend loving you.
I am absolutely in love with this song. Today we had General Conference with our branch and in between sessions one of my friends busted out her ukulele and showed us this song. A group of four eventually turned into 8 and we had split into parts. The harmonies of this song are beautiful and I love the words of this song right now. There is nothing better than a beautiful jam session with your friends.


  1. Beautiful words.. I would love to hear it sung.

  2. This is sung at an LDS camp in Utah called Oakcrest. It was my favorite song sung there.

    1. I sang this at Oakcrest also, over 20 years ago! It is the only time I have ever heard this song, and it is my favorite girls' camp song.

  3. 3 of my young women are sisters. They were taught this song by their mom and they know a soprano and alto part to it (kind-of), but we are having a hard time learning it from them. What are the chances you could convince you and your friends to make a YouTube video?????

    email me:

  4. I learned this song as a Girl Scout in the 90s. I can't remember all the details, but I recall that this was a poem written by a girl named Misty that was dying and then someone put it to a melody.

  5. I love, love, love this song thanks for sharing the lyrics! I always had the tune but forgot half the lyrics:( I've tried looking all over YouTube for this song but couldn't ever find it. But I also went to oakcrest and it was where I learned this song. My counselor used to sing us to sleep singing this song while playing her guitar. It was one of the best girls camp I've ever gone to, thank you for the lyrics again:)

  6. What is the tune to this song? I heard it sung once by my counselor at an EFY session and have been trying to find it ever since. It's nowhere on YouTube... does anyone know where to find it?

  7. Interesting to me that I broke out my guitar this morning after years of letting it sit. The chords to this song flowed to my fingertips. I remembered the melody but took me a few minutes as I strummed to recall any words at all. The it came, "How many mountains does it take to climb". That is when I began my search online to find this beloved song. I was a Brighton Girls Camp counselor in the Summer of '68. My name was Winki.

  8. I guess I am going to have to make a youtube video. Once you know the tune, please, make a better one. Ha, ha, ha.

  9. ...Video that is not tune. :-)

  10. Girls Camp Song: "Misty's Song" on youtube now. Original tune 1st verse with a bit of variation thereafter.