Sunday, October 16, 2011

Locked IN

I would be that person that ends up getting locked INSIDE my own house here. In Ukraine, all of the houses have huge concrete walls surrounding them and big gates that you can only open with a remote (which my host family has failed to give me--they are usually always home when I need to be let in). Wellp, it is now 6:30pm on Sunday night. My host family left while I was in the shower on Saturday and I cannot find the spare key to open the gate which means I am locking inside my house.

They are still gone and left me with no food. The fridge looks like when you are going to leave on a trip so you try to eat all you have before it goes bad and don't go shopping even if you need something. Well, fabulously now I've been stuck inside this house since 4pm yesterday and there is like no food and I missed church and the Relief Society re-broadcast. I sure do love these reliable Ukrainians. The picture is of my house and the oh so fabulous gate that I cannot get in. I am also going crazy, if that wasn't evident from the picture.

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  1. Wow, JIll! No food at all? I think you will need to make your own little stash in case of emergencies. I hope your host family is not on an extended holiday and that you will be "free" soon. I'm anxiously awaiting your next blog for the "rest of the story". Grandma