Saturday, August 13, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many hours a week do you teach? Teachers teach three to four hours each day, 5 days a week.
  • How do you teach English when you don’t speak Ukrainian? ILP teachers teach English IN English through organized play. It is an effective method for children everywhere to acquire a second language.
  • What kind of things do you teach? In Kindergarten, there are six different teaching areas (ex. kitchen, arts/crafts, games, etc). \What you do is create an atmosphere where the children acquire English, through natural, organized play.
  • How does the method work?  The method works by creating an environment that children ACQUIRE the language without it being taught.  
  • Is it a traditional classroom setting? The setting is very much NON-traditional. Instead of desks or textbooks, there are games, gym, kitchen, and other fun activities. 
  • How do you communicate with your family? I know that in my school in Kiev, I have wireless internet which makes it easy to be able to skype.If you would like to skype me, my username is jill.rudd30
  •  Also, all of the teachers get cell phones while in Ukraine to communicate with each other and stay safe. These can also be used in emergencies if parents need to get quick contact.
  • Do you get paid? This is completely on a volunteer basis. I wanted to volunteer my time to this program and I paid my own tuition fee. However, if I would ever like to go back with the program in any of the countries, I can go back as a head teacher (in charge of the new teachers) and the program pays my way.

If you have any additional questions I would be happy to answer them :)

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