Friday, August 19, 2011


And so it begins! I am officially counting down the days until Laria and I set off for Ukraine...
12 DAYS!
I am so excited, nervous, scared, and happy all at the same time. I cannot wait to set off on this adventure, get lost in a city where I don't know much of the language, teach kids who don't understand me well, live with a new family, and all in all, learn to go with the flow and live life as it comes flying at me. This experience is one that will change my life and I am ready..

Well, almost. Mentally, yes I am very ready. Physically not so much. I have not started thinking about what I will pack for clothes and supplies for the kids I will be teaching. I am extremely unprepared for the 14+ hour flight that it will take to get there. I still have a massive to do list and a week left of work which doesn't give me much time to work out the last few kinks I have in my packing and gathering stuff to use there. But, I will always find a way to make it happen one way or another and I am ecstatic :)

But, I am trying to prepare myself for 4+ months without seeing my little girls! Good thing I am incredibly lucky and have some great parents to take care of them while I'm gone!
Patty, who is 8 years old now!

Sierra, 8 months!

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  1. Jill! This is coming so fast now, even though we have been talking and planning for it for many, many months! You have done a great job preparing yourself, I know you are ready and you will be awesome! I will miss you a ton but my heart will be with you in Ukraine!