Thursday, December 8, 2011

My host siblings!

I am really going to miss my host siblings a lot now that my countdown to America is coming ever so close.

The other morning, my two year old host brother Yegor knocked on my bedroom door really early in the morning and said "Hello, Jill!" (which is the only English he knows) and then he continued to ask me in Russian if he could come up to my room. I was still in bed but I just answered 'da' which is yes. His little feet make the cutest sounds when he tried to climb up the stairs and it was funny to listen to. Anyways, he came up to my room, crawled into bed with me, pointed at my laptop, and asked me in Russian if I had any cartoons. Luckily I had one, and it happens to be my all time favorite movie: UP! So Yegor and I spent the morning watching up and hanging out. It was a lot of fun and it definitely made my day to feel so loved and needed by a little heart.\

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